Part of the ECS Family

Talia Dotson

Community Liason

BA, Indigenous/Non-Western Health & Medicine, Pitzer College

Talia Dotson joined the ECMS Gardena staff in 2017 as the Community Liaison. Talia’s key areas of expertise in this role include, community organizing, event coordination, diversity advocacy and program development. Previously she was the Regional Coordinator for science-based youth programs. Talia is at ECS thanks to a profound love of food, the environment and community.

Talia is the founder of The Scholarship Club, a founding volunteer with S√úPRMARKT LA (an organization which brings organic produce to food deserts), and a member of The Ethiopian World Federation and the African American Museum of Beginnings.

Talia graduated from Pitzer College in Claremont and holds a B.A. in Indigenous/Non-Western Health & Medicine.

Talia is a native of Pasadena, California and enjoys a wide range of diverse interests including but not limited to: hiking the Angeles Crest, preparing and devouring delicious meals, attending live performances, appreciating all mediums of art, conquering fears and making dreams come true.