ECMS-Gardena Welcomes New Leadership

We are excited to announce our new leadership team at ECMS-Gardena. Mr. Robert Gloria stepped up as Principal after having served for several years as Assistant Principal at the school. Ms. Tasneem Muhammad joins ECMS-G as the new Assistant Principal. This dynamic duo brings years of experience and resources to our team. We are excited to watch the Gardena team grow under their leadership.

Robert is passionate about collaborative learning, experiential learning and authentic assessment. He is especially interested in social justice issues, and specialized in the field while he was pursuing his Master’s degree in Anthropology. Outside of work, Robert enjoys gardening, hiking, cycling and playing basketball.

Tasneem is passionate about educating urban youth. She enjoys making a difference in the lives of students who have similar backgrounds to her own. Tasneem is a product of a South Los Angeles upbringing and wants to help students in her community become productive citizens who make a difference in the world. Outside of work, she likes to go to the movies and spend time with her family.

For more information, read their full bios:

Robert’s Bio Tasneem’s Bio