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Perla Villegas

After-School Homework Help Teacher

Perla Villegas has been the After-School Homework Help Teacher at Environmental Charter Middle School in Gardena since 2016. Perla also works as a sales associate at Whole Foods Market. She finds that there are commonalities between her work at both places as both organizations value the health and quality-of-life of those they serve.

Perla was drawn to Environmental Charter Schools by her younger brother, who currently attends Environmental Charter Middle School. He shared with her about his Green Ambassadors class. Perla loves hearing about his work in the school garden, and hearing about how he learns about healthy fruits and vegetables at school.

Perla’s passion for community service began when she volunteered at an elementary school as a high school student. Perla was also a part of LEAP, where she served as a tutor and supported the Team Leader with organizing activities for the students. Perla graduated from Animo Leadership High School in 2014. She wants to continue her education, and her long-term career goal is to continue to pursue her passion: working with kids.