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Michael Kohler

Teacher, English/History
BS, Psychology, Northern Arizona University
BA, Liberal Studies with emphasis in Philosophy and History, Northern Arizona University

Michael teaches English language arts and social science at ECMS-G. He returns to America after teaching overseas at Shanghai Community International School (SCIS) in China for over seventeen years! During his stay in China, he taught history for middle school, Theory of Knowledge, a core course under the International Baccalaureate program for Grade 11-12 students, and lower school. He also started a Dragon Debate Club for middle and high school students. Prior to SCIS, he taught English as a Second Language, was a Title I Reading Specialist and directed an after school Drama program at Longview Elementary School in Phoenix, Arizona.

Michael is at ECS because he believes that if the artists, writers, poets, philosophers, playwrights and other creators of tomorrow pave a new way which articulates their passions, aspirations, fears, dreams – their soul, if you will – then the job of educators is not trivial. Michael feels that the important role of a teacher is to help students develop their political voice so they can meaningfully participate in democracy. As economic, political, and demographic landscapes are constantly shifting, students need to rigorously explore these terrains not only to cope but also to compete in and help shape them. As students learn about the world around them through history, humanities and literature, it’s clear that economic, political, and demographic landscapes are molded by our action or inaction. Taking action, he believes, leads to a worthwhile life, provides an educated path to redress civic ills and social injustice, and builds more equitable and beautiful neighborhoods for all. Michael chooses to take action and believes ECMS students will help shape the American narrative.

Michael works actively in his local neighborhood as an HOA board member. His efforts have led to improving the safety of neighborhood, beautifying its common area and building up better forms of communication amongst neighbors to promote trust, dependability and friendships. In China, Michael was actively involved in the community. He served as a judge for the annual National History Day event at Concordia International School.

Michael hails from Rock Island, Illinois. He is passionate about writing. In fact, he is seeking publication for fiction story “Cu and the Ghost”, and The Lion, a drama adaptation of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis. He is also a bibliophile. For history, he finds value in reading about the twilight years of of the Roman Republic, like The Fall of Carthage, and Caesar, and Augustus by Adrian Goldsworthy. Many student books that have affected him include Huckleberry Finn, The Giver, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Michael also plays squash, rides a bike, reads poetry and cooks deserts, especially deserts with rich chocolate, and loves to barbeque!