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Judith Reyes

Teacher, Math/Science
BA, Mathematics and Chicano Studies, UC Santa Barbara

Judith joined the Gardena staff in Spring 2016. Before becoming a teacher, Judith worked as a tutor, mentor, and small group interventionist. She graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she received a degree in Mathematics and Chicano/a Studies. After graduating college, she moved to Chicago, Illinois, where she served as a tutor and mentor for a non-profit organization, City Year Chicago. She served in predominately Latino/a school in the Little Village Community located on the South side of Chicago. This experience was very transformative for Judith and through it she found her calling to become an educator.

Judith is a Guatemala native and moved to California at the age of nine. She did not know English when she moved to the United States, however, she excelled in mathematics. Through mathematics, Judith found her voice in the classroom and was able to build self-confidence in a place that was very different culturally and socially. This experience helped Judith realize that math is a universal language and that she has a passion for this subject. In her K-12 experience, she had a great teacher that played a major role in her success and who encouraged her to achieve in mathematics. She is beyond grateful for their support and encouragement to pursue a career in mathematics.

Education played an important role in her success and she would like to pass this on to her students. As an educator, she hopes that she is able to inspire and encourage her students to reach academic success and create positive changes in their lives and communities. Judith understands that in order to fully serve her students she needs to develop meaningful and purposeful relationships and guide them to find their inner genius.

Asides from laughing at math jokes and references, Judith loves to read and journal in her free time. She likes photography and staying active. She has completed three Los Angeles Marathons and would like to continue adding to this number. She likes to listen to different types of music, but her top favorites are Spanish romantic songs and Bossa Nova. In her free time, she also likes to spend time with her family and watch funny movies.