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Ethan Kuhn

Teacher, Math & Science
Cleared Single Subject Mathematics Credential
Full-time Adult Education Credential
Subject Authorization:
Elementary and Secondary Basic Skills
Life Science, including General Science

Favorite Book: Magister Ludi by Hermann Hesse
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Movie: The Big Lebowski
Favorite Color: Azure

Ethan wants to help his students reach their highest academic potentials. He currently has a variety of teaching credentials in various areas of science and mathematics to help him achieve just that. When asked who in history he would like to meet he chose the late author Hermann Hesse to ask him some existential questions about humanity. Prior to coming to ECMS-Gardena, Ethan was a Math teacher at the high school level for seven years. He is passionate about teaching, camping, fishing, hiking, and helping his fellow man. This teacher considers it a good school day when he knows his students have walked out the classroom with a little more information then what they entered it with. When Ethan is not working, he likes to read, write and relax with his wife and children.